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30 Days Morning Exercise Challenge That Will Transform Your Life

It is said that starting an exercise routine seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Being motivated to hit the gym in the morning is like obtaining the Holy Grail because there are days when one feels ashamed that all they’ve managed to do is have their morning coffee. Moreover, there are a number of advantages that make these classes useful enough to make the attempt. Through 30 days of morning exercise challenge you will be able to be acquainted with the pleasant ritual which is at the same time the foundation of your healthy lifestyle.

Why Morning Workouts?

Exercising in the morning has many advantages over evening workouts:

High Energy Levels

When a person exercises in the morning, their blood flow is increased and endorphins are released, lifting energy levels. In addition to the mood-elevating benefits, it will make you feel more awake and productive which is a nice bonus.

Increased Attention

High intensity workouts act as non-caffeine medicine to the brain. It facilitates higher concentration and thus leads to sharper thinking.

Improved Quality of Sleep

Those exercising during the mornings often record a better quality of sleep at the end of the day. Physically exerting activities are one of the ways that your circadian rhythm can be fixed.

The Tone of It

A thing of it and going for a jog in the morning puts you in the right frame of mind. As for the feeling of having accomplished your objective of the day first thing in the morning, you will achieve this.

Little to No Excuses

Morning is less likely to be affected by demands. Every time, the day’s means to skip a class haven’t been found yet.

The 30-Day Morning Workout Challenge

To begin, signing up for the 30-day challenge is a step of a walking, talking, easy-to-do exercise habit. In one month, you will get so used to getting up every morning at 6:00 am because you will have already done it so many times.

Here are some tips for completing the 30-day morning workout challenge:

  • Make an early bed: Getting at least 7-9 hours sleep should be your priority as this will enable you to get up in your exercise time. There is a high probability that the rested body will be less drained and that morning exercise will be easier.
  • Have a plan: Be sure to give yourself a timeframe and determine what you’ll do beforehand each time. Keep in mind, the key is to choose the occupations which give you pleasure and not like a burden.
  • Get clothes/shoes ready: Clear the night before your workout clothes and shoes so in the morning you don’t have to think.
  • Drinking Water: To start the day, one needs to hydrate. This can be done by drinking 16 oz. water early in the morning to be well hydrated before the workout.
  • Take a little snack prior to the workout: You can try banana, protein bar, or yogurt as a snack before working out.
  • Do a good warm up: Spend 5-10 minutes doing a thorough set of stretching before you begin your proper exercise routine.
  • Take it slow: Days one to seven, the main agenda is to establish the habit and do this by starting slow. Next, push yourself on the difficulty or length of subsequent sessions.
  • Seek accountability: Talking to another person about your exercise progress or performing it together will give that extra nudge to persevere with your morning routine.
  • Reward yourself: After a week or after hitting some milestones, make yourself happy by buying a nice massage, lunch out on a nice day or some other activity that would make you smile.

Schedule for the Morning Workout of the 30 days:

Here is an example workout schedule for the 30-day challenge:

Week 1:

  • Monday: 30 minutes of walking.
  • Tuesday: YouTube Video.
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes of walking
  • Thursday: Attend a yoga video.
  • Friday: 30 minute walk
  • Saturday: A day dedicated to taking it easy and doing activities that I enjoy.
  • Sunday: day of rest

Week 2:

  • Add on an extra 10 minutes to every walk.

Week 3:

  • On the first Monday: 40-minute walk.
  • Tuesday: YouTube videos
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout.
  • Thursday: Yoga video
  • Friday: 40 minute walk.
  • Saturday: 30 minute HIIT workout can be a great way to begin your fitness journey.
  • Sunday: Rest

Week 4:

  • Reduce time or high intensive activities during training.
  • Give another workout version like cycling, use weights, and Zumba dance video for more balance in your fitness.

The 30-Day Morning Workout Challenge is a simple but effective approach for getting used to new healthy habits. You can be amazed that after 30 days, to feature your morning exercise is just a natural part of your everyday routine. The energy, inspiration, and self-eligibility you get at this point will make you a winner in the future.

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