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What is Animation Designing and its advantages?

Animation is the procedure of creating these unrealistic answers to the question of motion and shape change by showing static images one after the other so quickly that they give a hint of the slight differences between images. Our brain does this somehow in a way that it makes the images look like they are flowing as a result of the phenomenon called vision persistence.

Animation designing is a beautiful blend of creation of life-like images through the work of computer graphics or hand drawing a sequence of images that depict motion. It is a wonderful couple of skills that understanding of technicality and artistic creativity are required in that field. There are a lot of functions of animation that can be applied in various fields which include movies, video games, mobile apps and advertising.

The History of Animation

As with any creative art, animators have always been looking into new ways of telling stories through animations. The first devices that appeared in the early 1800s were zoetropes, praxinoscopes or other similar instruments which were based on displaying a set of sequential hand-drawn pictures in rapid succession to create an illusion of motion. This next invention was created in 1832, called the phenakistoscope. Animation was mostly based on drawing techniques before the 19th century, filmmakers found that the celluloid films and cameras could be used for animation. This enabled this technique of displaying frames being recorded and displayed alternately.

The next big evolution was when Walt Disney had Steamboat Willie in 1928, the first animating spy and sound movie. Next came Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, released in 1937, which was a huge success and set the standard for the quality of animation at large. The invention of the computer permitted digital technology like 2 and 3-dimensional animation in animation. Nowadays, how far modern animation has come is noticeable through physically realistic but not only that.

Benefits of Animation

Here are some significant benefits of animation designing that we will discuss below:

Visual Appeal

And, thanks to animation, those visualizations can be anything from enticing to colorful nature scenes in 3D all the way to simple fruit growing juggling, and all of that to please any audience member from kindergarten to retirement age. The animation is enhanced by devices of imagery, animation, and motions which make them a visual feast and a great source of entertainment.

Simplifying Complex Concepts

Animation can do the incredible thing of making those dry and difficult matters understandable by means of funny, easy messages. Research has shown a substantial rise in learning and comprehension when combined visuals and words are used. Educational animations can be great tools that can be used to teach.

Cost Effectiveness

The most outstanding animation feature is that it gives filmmakers the chance to build environments, characters, and visual effects which would either cost a lot of money to film or just impossible to be done. Rather than the actual film set/props/scenery, there is not a tactile object but everything is designed digitally using special effects. This saves significant money.


The animated messages are visually attractive and have a certain power to keep the audience focused throughout the time when showing much information, which is static. The mixture of motion, music, voice-overs and visuals have high relevance for audiences and they are able to keep audiences hooked or frozen in such a way. This offers this particular medium a number of possibilities for brand marketing, and promoting goods or ideas.

Video Game Development

One of the biggest practically oriented applications areas of commercial animation is based in the video game industry which entirely depends on animation. Game development needs the artists such as the animators, riggers, modelers to animate, model and fit the characters, the assets and the environment interactively to create an immersive experience.

Career Opportunities

The animation industry is flourishing with the advent of films, games, e-learning, and digital marketing, and it is one of the best fields which animators can find employment in. Animators are competitive, and can earn high and creative salaries working in major animation studios, game design companies, and even as independent freelance graphic wizards.

The Bottom Line

Motion and visual impression designing through the display of a rapid sequence of images is the animation designing, a broad, interesting process The value of it is not limited to media and literature only, but even extends towards the full spectrum of marketing as well. Now with the perks such as an ability to tell a story pictorially, more interactive audience involvement, efficient communication of complicated matters, and cost-efficiency have characterized animation as a rare design field with many occupational opportunities. Animation is being developed daily to reach the new benchmark of software enhancements and interactive medium.

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