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What else do Texas Commercial Tire offer in addition to their Services?

Selecting the “correct tire” is based on the application of any specific vehicle. Selecting tires which are best suited for daily use can ensure long-lasting and effective tires. Light truck tires, often known as LT tires, are made for use on trucks and other kinds of vehicles in both light and high loads. Conversely, commercial tires are made for trucks that specially designed for working trucks. They are designed to sustain heavy loads over extended daily durations.

Commercial tires are designed for use on buses, vehicles, heavy machinery, and agricultural equipment. They have increased durability and a high load capacity. The principal use of the vehicle must be considered when determining whether to go with commercial or LT truck tires. While LT tires are capable of towing high loads, commercial tires are a better fit for cars that will regularly transport heavy loads across difficult terrain.

When taking the terrain into consideration, commercial tires are the ideal ones. This is crucial if drivers plan to use the vehicle often on snowy roads or unpaved areas like landfills, where it is common to find metal and glass shards. When used for regular operations, commercial tires have a longer lifespan over time.

When comparing prices, commercial tires will initially cost more but, if used for business purposes, will end up saving money over time. When these tires are used to their fullest extent, fuel savings, extended lifespan, and the maximum level of safety are achieved. The commercial tires are the best choice for a used car that is used for regular daily travel over rough terrain while towing heavy loads.

Why should you know about ‘Texas Commercial Tire’, if you are residing in Texas?

One of the best suppliers of high-quality commercial tires, Texas Commercial Tire, has updated its website to make things simpler for the customers. Truck owners can now more easily make appointments, view inventory, read customer reviews, and receive advice on how to protect their assets thanks to the new website. Furthermore, the website has a special page for customers who love monitoring manufacturer rebates. The new website now offers the option to order tires online, among other premium features.

Texas Commercial Tire is still the go-to business for commercial tires in addition to the website. They carry tires from reputable companies like Michelin, Goodyear, and Titan, as well as tires for semi-trucks, medium-sized trucks, trailers, and tractors. The company provides a range of global options for customers searching for tires for forklifts, box trucks, off-road vehicles, or recreational vehicles.

Texas Commercial Tire provides services for commercial trucks besides its constantly growing inventory. The TIA-accredited professional crew begins by examining the tires of the trucks and the vehicle as a whole to see whether any repairs or part replacements are required. They offer tire installation services to customers with worn-out tires. Customers benefit from time savings, efficiency guarantees, warranties, and liability coverage provided by this service.

In addition, the Texas Commercial Tire staff provides additional necessary services including wheel suspension, alignment, tire rotations, battery replacement, and re-treading. Having worked for many years, they are not only dedicated to provide services, but also more support and care for your vehicle. The knowledgeable and helpful team is always ready to address any queries from clients regarding a range of topics, from fleet maintenance plans to repair-related matters.

Also, Texas Commercial Tire company has made investments in cutting-edge machinery. For instance, they own Hunter HD Wheel Alignment Systems, containing HD cameras and incredibly accurate sensors. The business also makes use of the refined Roadforce Passenger along with LT Balancer and the Hunter Roadforce HD Balancer.

These instruments promise excellent customer care and are quick and easy to use. Unlike the protracted lead times of the past, vehicles are now repaired more quickly, enabling customers to return to their primary business activities in a matter of days.

Satisfied customers proudly brag about best customer service they received in a very long time with being prompt, trustworthy, and offering sincere service. Happy clients claim they never had a better experience other than Texas Commercial Tire!

Why to follow the Requirements of Commercial Truck Tire?

In Texas, it is required to follow the tire specifications for commercial trucks. There are various justifications for adhering to tire specifications and maintaining one’s own vehicle. Some of them are as below:

  • Safety

A top priority of nay semi-truck driver is to drive safely in addition to moving freight. A truck driver can brake more quickly and retain a strong grip on the road with well-maintained tires. It can also stop lawsuit following accidents and tire blowouts.

  • Longevity

Commercial vehicles cover long distances transporting freight across the nation. Semi-truck drivers can prevent forthcoming tire issues by performing routine maintenance checks. By doing this, drivers can keep their trucks longer and save money on repairs.

  • Performance

The truck will travel more efficiently on the road if its tires are well-balanced, have adequate pressure, and have deep tread. During lengthy trips, this can aid increase performance and efficiency. This will also save petrol costs to drivers.

How bad can a truck tire blowout be?

Of course, owners and drivers know about the cons of blowouts; they are the most unsafe dealings, but the worst consequences should also be known in order to avoid the worst scenario. Blowouts are usually the consequence of tire safety breaches, though they can also be brought on by road hazards. The following are the primary effects of an average tire blowout:

  • Loose Cargo

The semi-truck’s tires can blow up, causing the cargo to spill out across the road. This creates danger for the nearby drivers.

  • Loss of Control

The truck driver may swerve and lose control due to the instability of the vehicle and the force of the explosion. It’s also possible to topple over, with disastrous consequences.

  • Flying Debris

The power of the burst, tears a truck tire apart when it bursts out. Pieces of rubber may fly in different directions due to this. The flying debris can possibly or seriously damage or injure pedestrians and other drivers.

  • Panic on the Road

When tire blowouts happen, they are usually extremely noisy, terrifying the nearby drivers. Furthermore, witnessing a truck lose control can panic other drivers. Hence, this could create more chaos on the road, leading to other motorists trying to swerve or brake erratically.

Maintaining vehicle’s tires properly is the best defense against blowouts. If you happen to live in Texas and drive a truck, connect with the team and avail their services. Trucking companies like Texas Commercial Tire follow the safety regulations for truck tires by offering a regular maintenance plan.


Truck tires are the vital component of commercial trucks’ suspension system. They are in charge of communicating the ability to drive, brake, and steer to the road’s surface. Sadly, truck tires deteriorate and get hazardous over time. Hence, anyone operating or owning a commercial truck, should obey the rules regarding truck tires. If you are still searching for the best service providers for commercial tires & wheels, along with more associated tires & wheels services in Texas, connect with (TCT) Texas Commercial Tire on their website, they have it all.

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